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  • Why SCRUM will never be the same to me again

    In my first foray into SCRUM we have had a great deal of success in ensuring widespread understanding of development issues and progress. This has led to a great sense of cohesive development, with everyone aware of and looking out for other issues and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone.
    While outlining this to a colleague at work I came up with the following summary of my experience with SCRUM.

    • Catchup – gives everyone a chance to understand what happened yesterday and intentions for today’s development, keeps everyone informed.
    • Understanding – sharing intentions and discussing risks and issues found during development, at a very high level, has helped the team approach things in a great way with a real sense of developing as a team.
    • No Timelines – this is a SCRUM meeting, not a project management meeting. Estimates, and deadlines are not discussed in the confines of the SCRUM meeting. If anyone is having issues, it is raised offline with the project manager where appropriate.

    Of course, within seconds, my colleague had noted the acronym that comes out of that lot. And that is why SCRUM meetings will never be the same for me again.

    Anyone who works with me should need no more than one guess as to whom the insightful developer is :)

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