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  • Formatting an Xml String

    Here is a useful bit of code for formatting a piece of xml as a string with all those nice indents..I find it useful when i have to log messages etc..

    public static class XmlStringFormatter
            /// Returns formatted xml string (indent and newlines) from unformatted XML
            /// string for display in eg textboxes.
    Unformatted xml string.
            /// Formatted xml string and any exceptions that occur.
            public static string FormatXml(this string unformattedXml)
                //load unformatted xml into a dom
                var xd = new XmlDocument();
                //will hold formatted xml
                var sb = new StringBuilder();
                //pumps the formatted xml into the StringBuilder above
                var sw = new StringWriter(sb);
                //does the formatting
                XmlTextWriter xtw = null;
                    //point the xtw at the StringWriter
                    xtw = new XmlTextWriter(sw) {Formatting = Formatting.Indented};
                    //we want the output formatted
                    //get the dom to dump its contents into the xtw
                    //clean up even if error
                    if (xtw != null)
                //return the formatted xml
                return sb.ToString();

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