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Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

Now I realise that perhaps, this being a business blog on our business website, that maybe the tone of the posts I am making at present should be a little more sensitive to the business we are trying to garner. Guys, let me know and I will remove these at the drop of a hat. But I am a strong believer in getting to know the “people” you are working with. As the agile manifesto says “People over process” (or as they say it “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools “).

Well, I spend waaaaaay too much time doing loads of really serious stuff, which I thoroughly enjoy, but every now and again I come across something that is absolutely brilliant and needs to be shared. This is one of them.

The guys over at xtranormal have done, quite simply, an astonishing job of producing a stunning web application. I urge you, go, waste an evening, say something, anything and post the results in the comments of this blog. I would love to see what you come up with.

Me, being a passionate and somewhat geeky and opinionated web developer, built this as my first offering. I will post more should I get another evening to play :) .